Episode four: microgreens

Mixed microgreens make a colourful salad. Photograph: Jane Perrone

Mixed microgreens make a colourful salad. Photograph: Jane Perrone

On The Ledge isn't just about houseplants that look pretty - some indoor growing is great for filling your dinner plate as well as your Instagram account (incidentally, you can find me on Instagram as @j.l.perrone). 

So this week's show is all about microgreens, the slightly older, more streetwise brother to the sprout - you know, those mung beans and alfalfa types you sometimes see entombed in clear plastic at the supermarket. They're super-quick to grow, don't take up much room and pack a punch in the flavour stakes. 

Microgreens: sow 'em thick, eat 'em quick.

Microgreens: sow 'em thick, eat 'em quick.

My guest this week is the lovely Mark Diacono of Otter Farm in Devon in the southwest of the UK - a grower, food and garden writer and microgreen enthusiast. The book I mention in this episode in my chat with Mark is The Speedy Vegetable Garden by Lia Leendertz and Mark Diacono, including more info on 'soaks'. And there's a great piece from the Telegraph by Mark with more info on microgreens, if you want to find out more. 

Mark's top five seeds for microgreens are:

  • Coriander

  • Radish

  • Rocket

  • Fennel

  • 'Giant Red' mustard

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Jane Perrone