EPISODE 5: How not to kill your houseplant with Veronica Peerless

This week I find out what yellowing leaves mean in a houseplant, confess to sawing a peace lily in half and get the lowdown on plant pests from Veronica Peerless, whose new book How Not To Kill Your Houseplant (£9.99 from DK) is out now.  

Here are links to some of the plants we discuss:

And here are Veronica's suggestions for houseplants that are really hard to kill....

Question of the week

This week's question comes from @allotmentalice who wants to know "how do you keep a Ficus from throwing a wobbly every few weeks and dropping all its leaves"? Have a listen to find out the answer! If you've got a question for me to answer, scroll down to find out how to get in touch, or post a comment below.

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Thanks my guest Veronica Peerless, props to my old mucker and talented voice artist Mark Hamilton for providing the extra voices you hear in this show; On The Ledge's theme music is Government Funded Weed by Black Ant which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. You also heard Hot Lips by Bill Brown and His Brownies.

Jane Perrone