Episode three: office plants

Photograph:  Proflowers.com , via  Flickr .

Photograph: Proflowers.com, via Flickr.

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This week's show is about the plants that keep us company in the workplace: the good, the bad and the seriously wilted. We've got a question on sowing herbs in the kitchen, and I find out why everyone needs a marimo ball in their office. 

Once you've had a listen, do venture over to my blog where you can read a Q&A with IKEA about their houseplant offering, and my pick of the top five IKEA plants.

Today's guests are...

  • Horticulturist and blogger Lou Nicholls, who tells me about her adventures in office landscaping;

  • Christopher Satch, plant scientist at The Sill in New York, an indoor plant design, delivery and maintenance firm, helps me find a suitable plant for my tricky office situation;

  • Dr Craig Knight, psychologist at Exeter University, explains how and why office plants raise the mood in offices.

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