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Episode 103: houseplants and sustainability part one - peat-free

We’re all in no doubt that our houseplants are good for us, but are they good for the environment? This is an issue that’s been nagging away at me for some time now. This episode is the start of an occasional series looking at houseplants and sustainability: I’m starting by looking at peat use. And I answer a question about the aerial roots on a monster Anthurium.

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Episode 94: carnivorous plants with Peter D'Amato (part two)

In the second part of my interview with Peter D’Amato, founder of the nursery California Carnivores, I get Peter to answer listener questions about Nepenthes, discuss the weird world of naming carnivorous plants, and find out about a very unusual side project Peter has been working on. And I answer a question about a potbound umbrella plant.

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