Episode 94: carnivorous plants with Peter D'Amato (part two)

Come on in… California Carnivores nursery. Photograph:  Orin Zebest  on  Flickr .

Come on in… California Carnivores nursery. Photograph: Orin Zebest on Flickr.

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In the second part of my interview with Peter D’Amato, founder of the nursery California Carnivores, I get Peter to answer listener questions about Nepenthes, discuss the weird world of naming carnivorous plant species and cultivars, and find out about a very unusual side project Peter has been working on.

If you missed part one, do go back and listen here! Then come back and check out the links below as you listen. Oh, and thanks to listener June for telling me about another UK climate-hardy spider plant, Chlorophytum krookianum, which is available from UK nursery Cotswold Garden Flowers.

Dionea ‘Red Dragon’. Photograph:  athenerafie  on  Flickr .

Dionea ‘Red Dragon’. Photograph: athenerafie on Flickr.

Question of the week

Quite a reach: is this umbrella plant repottable?

Quite a reach: is this umbrella plant repottable?

Rebekah has been put in charge of the houseplants in the cafe where she works - she’s managed to repot the peace lily and dracaena but a big umbrella plant is causing her concern. It’s not taking in water - it just runs through - and she thinks it’s too big to repot.

I suspect the plant is rootbound - there’s probably such a mass of roots in the pot that the soil has become hydrophobic (water-repelling) so is unable to absorb moisture. Ideally this plant needs repotting: I suggest Rekekah gets a tarp and a friend and tries getting the plant out of its pot, trimming the roots, then repotting (back into the same pot if necessary) with fresh houseplant potting mix. Trimming the roots will put the plant out of balance, so some of the branches will need removing too - ideally the most spindly and wayward ones! Then leave the pot in a tray of water overnight to suck up lots of moisture.

If repotting really isn’t an option, the best way forward is to scrape away as much soil from around the top of the pot as possible, to a depth of at least 5cm, being careful not to damage the roots. Then using a chopstick or similar, poke holes into the rootball of the plant, allowing more air in. Trim any roots coming from the bottom of the pot, top up the pot with fresh houseplant potting mix, and then leave the pot in a tray of water as above.

Good luck Rebekah, let me know how it goes!

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