Episode nine: Get Plants by Katherine Price

Aloe polyphylla.  Photograph by  Jean  on  Flickr .

Aloe polyphylla. Photograph by Jean on Flickr.

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After the hubbub of the Chelsea flower show, On The Ledge goes back to basics this week: I interview writer and gardener Katherine Price, who is on Twitter as @wildsuburban, about her new book Get Plants: How to Bring Green Into Your Life, published by Kew - it's out today, in fact! 

As well as finding out all about Katherine's new book, we major on succulents, find out how to pronounce "kalanchoe" (I can't ...), the symbolism of the sempervivum and how to get in tune with your plants. There's a full list of the plants we mention below, plus details of our question of the week.

Plants we mention ...

This week's question ...

...comes from @mmehilaire on Twitter. She wants to know why her jade plant (Crassula ovata) is losing leaves. Is it normal, or a sign of a problem? 

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