Episode 96: plants for bedrooms with Baylor Chapman

Turning your bedroom into an indoor jungle requires careful planning. Photograph excerpted from Decorating with Plants by Baylor Chapman (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2019. Photographs by Aubrie Pick.

Turning your bedroom into an indoor jungle requires careful planning. Photograph excerpted from Decorating with Plants by Baylor Chapman (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2019. Photographs by Aubrie Pick.

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I have to admit it: I only have ONE plant in my bedroom right now! I wanted to set that right, so this week I chat to Baylor Chapman, author of new book Decorating With Plants and founder of California plant design studio Lila B Design. Like me, she has a bedroom that doesn’t get much light, so it was great to find out how she chooses plants for that space.

We finally smash the myth that houseplants shouldn’t be placed in bedrooms, discuss the challenges of finding plants to suit bedrooms, and put forward some clever ideas to green up your sleeping area without taking up too much room.

A Sansevieria collection makes a great bedroom plant - the tall one is ‘Superclone’. Photograph excerpted from Decorating with Plants by Baylor Chapman (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2019. Photographs by Aubrie Pick.

I was away on holiday at the beach when parts of this show were recorded (see my Instagram for a pic!) so apologies for the background noise and the interruption of Wolfie trying to eat a dead deer! There’s no question of the week this week, but please do send me your queries for upcoming shows by emailing ontheledgepodcast@gmail.com.

Check out the notes below as you listen for plant names and more…

  • Sansevieria ‘Superclone’ is a tall, narrow snake plant ideal for tight spaces.

  • Baylor also recommends braided Sansevieria cylindrica as a good choice for bedrooms.

  • If you are worried about soil getting on your soft furnishings (or in your bed!) air plants such as Tillandsias are an excellent choice, as are Marimo moss balls.

  • The fluffy plant I had in front of my TV that then ended up in the office bathroom (replacing the football photo) is Pilea libanensis.

  • Baylor namechecks San Marcos Growers in Santa Barbara California as a great place for houseplants.

  • Dracaena fragrans ‘Limelight’ is one of Baylor’s favourite houseplants for bedrooms. Dracaena fragrans ‘Janet Craig’ is also great for low light.

  • Baylor says Oxalis and Ficus maclellandii (aka Ficus alii) are both on the up as popular houseplants, and they make good bedroom plants too!

This culinary seed assortment costs $8.99 from  TrueLeafMarket.com .

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