Episode 43: Summer Rayne Oakes of Homestead Brooklyn


It all started with a single fiddle leaf fig. Now Summer Rayne Oakes has hundreds of houseplants in her Brooklyn apartment, plus a chicken. Yes a chicken! I talk to Summer Rayne about how it all began, how to keep maidenhair ferns alive, the cool things you can grow in a vivarium, and why chickens and Calatheas don't mix in this week's show.


If you want to find out more about Summer Rayne, the best place to start is her Homestead Brooklyn page (her Instagram is @HomesteadBrooklyn); find out more about her workshops, talks and the NY plant swap she's involved in here, and details of her houseplant masterclass are here

Here are a few useful bullet points picking up on topics we covered in our chat:

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Question of the week 

I wanted to know how to perk up my Epiphyllum anguliger aka fishbone or ric rac cactus with some new growing medium when I repot: I posted a cry for help on Instagram and got a great response from listeners. The consensus is that it needs houseplant compost mixed with some orchid bark and perlite, but the exact ratio I'll have to decide for myself! 

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This week's show featured Roll Jordan Roll by the Joy DropsAn Instrument the Boy Called Happy Day Gokarna by Samuel Corwin, and Oh Mallory by Josh Woodward, all licensed under Creative Commons.

Jane Perrone