Episode 46: Matthew Pottage

Matthew Pottage in his office at RHS Wisley.

Matthew Pottage in his office at RHS Wisley.

When Matthew Pottage, the curator of RHS garden Wisley, invited me to visit, I jumped at the chance: Wisley in Surrey is one of the UK's best known gardens, with a very fine glasshouse full of choice tropical and subtropical plants, and some impressive plans for expansion in the coming years. But most important of all, I happened to know that Matthew is a fellow houseplant enthusiast. 


After a tour of the gardens, we sat down in Matthew's plant-filled office to talk about his collection, the controversial topic of variegation, and how the heck he managed to bag a rare Phalaenopsis orchid for £5 at a London department store (it's the one pictured left - full taxonomy unknown). Below is a list of the plants we mention:

Question of the week

Listener Jennifer wants to know what to do about her leggy Kohleria 'Bristol's Possibly Bronze', grown from a rhizome supplied by a friend last winter. I advised that this member of the Gesneriad clan tends towards legginess but will take a good trim. There's a useful article on Kohlerias from the Gesneriad Society in this PDF here (start from page six) and there's also some guidance on the Gesneriad site The Violet Barn. If you are in the UK/EU, Dibleys has a good selection of rhizomes including the compact 'YF's Emma' and the more straggly yet still beautiful 'An's Nagging Macaws'.

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This week's show featured Roll Jordan Roll by the Joy DropsRashem Pidity, Pokhara by Samuel Corwin, and Oh Mallory by Josh Woodward, all licensed under Creative Commons.


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