Episode 69: Jane Perrone's houseplant tour part two

Photograph: Jane Perrone

Photograph: Jane Perrone

If you’ve listened to episode after episode of me talking about my plants, and have wondered exactly what my plant collection looks like, now is your chance. (I did do a kitchen houseplant tour back in episode 38 but lots of plants have been moved since then…)

In this episode I offer up a tour of my kitchen and half of my sun room plants, and you can watch a video (scroll down for that) as well as listening to an audio account in the usual podcast link above. If you want to see a video of Coleus pruning as described in episode 68, do check out my Instagram stories under ‘pruning’ for a visual guide.

Here’s a list of the plants mentioned in the kitchen tour:

Can you ID my mystery Peperomia? It’s the plant on the left…

Can you ID my mystery Peperomia? It’s the plant on the left…

Adenium obesum  seed pods. Photograph by  Forest and Kim Starr  on  Flickr .

Adenium obesum seed pods. Photograph by Forest and Kim Starr on Flickr.

Question of the week

Listener Xavier wanted to know what to do with the seed pods of the Adenium or desert rose: I recruited British Cactus and Succulent Society chairman Ian Thwaites to offer up some advice.

He suggested containing the seed pods with a pair of tights (aka pantyhose) to stop the dandelion-like seeds from floating away when the pods pop. Then sow in spring as the seeds are rather shortlived.

Follow Ian Thwaites on Instagram as @botanicalphotographer and find out more about the British Cactus and Succulent Society here.

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This week's show featured Roll Jordan Roll by the Joy Drops, Government Funded Weed by Black Ant, and An Instrument The Boy Called Happy Day Gokarna, all licensed under Creative Commons.