Episode 30: New Year's Resolutions


What's on your houseplant wishlist for 2018? I share my plans for the coming year, and pass on plant-related resolutions from listeners and other gardening podcasters, including Ben Dark of the Garden Log podcast, Peter Donegan of the Sod Show, and Isabel Hardman of the Wild Flower Half Hour podcast

Want to know my resolutions for 2018? Here they are...

1. Identify all my plants

Want to finally nail down the ID of that unusual cutting you've been given? Get your hands on a copy of Dr DG Hessayon's Indoor Plant Spotter, and download the free app SmartPlant.

2. Try hydroponics

Growing plants in water seems like a great solution for indoor gardening, but I have to admit I haven''t given it a try - that will change in 2018! If you've got into hydroponic culture and can recommend some resources in the form of websites and books, do let me know! If you're a hydroponics expert and would like to be interviewed on the show, get in touch.

3. #OTLsowalong

What better way of expanding your collection without breaking the bank than growing houseplants from seed? Join the On The Ledge Houseplant Sowalong Facebook group to keep track of this exciting new project. Subscribe to On The Ledge to catch an upcoming episode that focuses on how to grow houseplants from seed.

4. Feed my plants

I'll be devoting a whole episode to fertilising houseplants fairly soon, but for now, what you need to know is this: if you don't fertilise your houseplants during the growing season, maybe you should! Pick the right feed for your plant, because different groups need different nutrients. 

5. Become a fernatic

My purchase of a cut-price mahogany fernDidymochlaena truncatula - in Morrisons supermarket has prompted me to get into ferns in 2018. It's the plant pictured at the top of this post. Let me know which ferns I should be growing!

Other plants mentioned in the show...

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This week's show featured the tracks Dill Pickles by the Heftone Banjo Orchestra and two tracks by Samuel Corwin: An Instrument the Boy Called Happy Day, Gokarna and A Man Plays Trekking Song on Lake Fewa, Pokhara from Selected Field Recordings from India and Nepal, Volume I (Folk Songs), both licensed under Creative Commons, and Hot Lips by Bill Brown and His Brownies. Thanks also to Mark Hamilton for his voices: find out more at markhamilton.org.uk.


Jane Perrone