Episode thirteen: James Wong

Ethnobotanist James Wong is wonderfully ubiquitous these days, from his TV appearances on Countryfile and Gardeners' Question Time, to numerous books - the latest one is called How To Eat Better - and of course his column for the Observer magazine. His homepage is here if you want to find out more, and he's on Twitter as @botanygeek.

Despite his packed plant CV, it's our shared love of houseplants that always dominates conversation whenever I get the chance to catch up with James in between his globetrotting exploits. He's got some really thought-provoking things to say about why we grow the houseplants we do - think of the ubiquitous spider plant and umbrella plant - and where houseplant horticulture may be headed next. 

We mention these plants in our chat:

I hope you enjoy our conversation - let me know what you think on Twitter - I'm there as @janeperrone.

Question of the week

Or lack thereof. I wanted to dedicate the whole show to James's interview, so there's no question of the week this episode, but it'll be back soon... and I am always keen to hear your problems. Tweet me at @janeperrone, leave a message on my Facebook page or email ontheledgepodcast@gmail.com.

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Jane Perrone