Episode 27: buying houseplants


The thrill of buying new houseplants quickly turns to horror when the plant promptly drops all its leaves once you get it home. I offer up some top tips on how to take care of newly-bought houseplants, from the shop to your shelf, and what to do with plants that come through the post.

I've also written a comprehensive guide to where to buy your houseplants if you are in the UK, and I'll be following that up with a guide for US and Canadian listeners in the coming weeks - with the rest of the world to follow!

If you are wondering about the pussy ears - Cyanotis somaliensis - plant that I mention, take a look at this information at davesgarden.com. I'll post a pic here once the cutting arrives!

Buying mail order from specialist nurseries such as Dibleys is a great way to obtain new houseplants. 

Buying mail order from specialist nurseries such as Dibleys is a great way to obtain new houseplants. 

On The Ledge Sowalong 2018

My new year's resolution is to grow houseplants from seed. Do you want to join me? I've just set up a Facebook group for you to join: this is the place to share your progress, ask for help and generally geek out about the wonders of tiny seeds turning into cacti! I'll be populating the group with some useful information over the Christmas period, but join now to make sure you don't miss out. 

Question of the week

Floppy Aloe veras seem to be a very common problem, if Twitter is anything to go by, so I tackle this head on with two different suggestions. First, consider another Aloe - Aloe vera is particularly prone to floppiness, so try partridge aloe (Gonialoe variegata) instead: it's stockier and less prone to this kind of issue. The other solution is to give your Aloe more light, less heat and (probably) less water. If you can't increase its light levels, try reducing the temperature: this on its own may help with the floppiness issue.

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This week's show featured the tracks Whistling Rufus by the Heftone Banjo Orchestra and An Instrument the Boy Called Happy Day, Gokarna from Samuel Corwin's Selected Field Recordings from India and Nepal, Volume I (Folk Songs), both licensed under Creative Commons, and Hot Lips by Bill Brown and His Brownies. Thanks also to Mark Hamilton for his voices: find out more at markhamilton.org.uk.

Jane Perrone