Episode 22: Q&A special


All those nagging houseplant questions - why is my succulent leggy and wan? What kind of Monstera do I really have? Why is my Pilea looking peaky? - are answered in this Q&A special. 

Useful links

  • If you want to read the academic paper about Monstera species by Michael Madison, it's here. Above is a picture of the questioner Rachel's mystery plant. I am pretty convinced it's Monstera obliqua
  • Want to see just how boring a Fittonia flower is? Take a look. I advise listener Ben to remove his Fittonia flowers so the plant can concentrate on producing beautiful leaves.
  • I recommend some succulents for my friend Rachael to grow in her shop Rogan's Books, which is south-facing and hot. I mention the jade plant, Crassula ovata, including the cultivar 'Hobbit'; and the feltbush (Kalanchoe beharensis).
  • Want to hear more about etiolation in cacti and succulents? Here's a great blogpost on the subject from the Laidback Gardener.

If I didn't get around to answering your question in this week's show, don't worry - I tackle a listener question every episode, so stay tuned!

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This week's show featured the tracks Hot Lips by Bill Brown and His Brownies, as well as An Instrument the Boy Called Happy Day, Gokarna from Samuel Corwin's Selected Field Recordings from India and Nepal, Volume I (Folk Songs) and the Heftone Banjo Orchestra playing Dill Pickles. The latter two songs are licensed under Creative Commons - click the song links for details. Thanks for Mark Hamilton for his voices - find out more at markhamilton.org.uk.