Episode two: Monstera deliciosa, the swiss cheese plant

This week we move from the enclosed world of the terrariums of last week's show to the weird, wild world of Monstera deliciosa, aka the Swiss cheese plant or split leaf philodendron.

My first guest, the legendary organic gardener Bob Flowerdew, explains how Monstera grows in the wild and what its fruit (yes fruit) tastes like (scroll down for a picture...) while author and historian Ethne Clarke consider's the swiss cheese plant's role as an iconic plant in interior design since the 1950s onward. We also answer a question about a poorly venus flytrap and find out what to do when your Swiss cheese plant reaches the ceiling.

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Episode one: terrariums

In the last decade, miniature worlds under glass have gone from zero to hero: time was when a terrarium was a dusty bottle on your nan’s nicknack table - now you see them everywhere, from coffee shops to office reception desks.

In this very first episode of her my podcast, On The Ledge, I find how these clever little contraptions were invented, what you can grow in them and how to get your very first terrarium set up.

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